On November 3, the director of the marketing and career department, Arman Dikhanuly, conducted career guidance for schools in the Turkestan region, Tulkibas district.

November 4, Director of the Marketing Department Arman Dikhanuly held a meeting with students of the department. Kazakh students who are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as students enrolled to improve their language skills, study at our university. Here are the rules for admitting students: Applications for participation in comprehensive testing are accepted by university admissions committees from July 1 to August 10.

On November 7, the Faculty of Arts and Education conducted career guidance work at the secondary school named after S. Nurmagambetov, Ordabasinsky district, Temirlan village. We explained to students about the professions in demand in the labor market when choosing a profession. In addition, they introduced the advantages of our educational institution.

On November 9, 2023, the Center for Educational Development of the Turkestan Region "BOLASHAK" together with JSC "Center for International Programs" and representatives of higher educational institutions held an event as part of the career guidance project "Who will you be when you grow up?" at the ZOOM conference. At this event, South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University named after O. Zhanibekov, member of the board - vice-rector for strategic development and social works B.K. Isabek made a report. During the report, comprehensive information was given about the history of the university, upcoming educational programs, and rules for admission to master's and doctoral programs. At the same time, the problems of educational buildings, dormitories, and the military department were also touched upon. Graduates and parents who took part in the conference showed interest in the university, asked many questions and received specific answers.

On November 17, teacher of the Department of Computer Science Aldeshov S., teachers of the Faculty of Mathematics Niyazymbetov A., Karataev A. visited the secondary school named after Saken Seifullin in the village of Badam, Ordabasinsky district, Turkestan region. career guidance was carried out. During professional orientation, they provided detailed information about all educational programs prepared by the Zhanibekov SKPU, as well as the entrance score for these pedagogical specialties, and the admission rules.

Head of the Department of Physics B.S. Ualihanova took part and presented information on professional guidance, including: about the undergraduate educational program of the South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University named after Ozbekali Zhanibekov, noted that a joint diploma with Gazi University will be implemented in the educational programs “Physics” and “English Language”. . Only 30 percent of teachers at the school have a master's degree, so teachers were invited to study for a master's degree to improve the quality of their education.

In addition, after listening to the opinions of teachers, it turned out that there is a demand for scientific work, a master working at the school with a certificate of English emphasized that teachers are trained in 8 areas of doctoral studies, and spoke about the features of the university that can be achieved by choosing a university.

Within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Department of Education of the city of Shymkent and SKSPU, signed on November 11, 2020, the Career Guidance and Career Center and the faculties of the university from October 22 to 29, 2021, a weekly campaign "I choose a university with an 85-year history" was held for the 85th anniversary of the university preparing future teachers. More than 3,500 schoolchildren took part in the event. During the campaign, students of the graduating classes of the city's schools and college students got acquainted with the university's base, faculty, scientists, students, exchanged information about the achievements and modern capabilities of the university. The educational programs of the faculties were presented by a video. At the solemn meeting, Chairman of the Board-Rector of the university Sugirbayeva Gulzhan Dauletbekovna, Deputy Chairman of the Board - Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Isabek Barshagul Kashkynkyzy, member of the Board -Vice-Rector for Social and Educational Work Bagutova Aklima Marhabatkyzy and deans of faculties wished students good luck, invited them to study at our university, advised students not to make a mistake in choosing a profession, explained that specialist teachers are now very in demand. Booklets and a magazine-guide of our university were distributed to applicants.




The Career Guidance and Career Center held a meeting with the university faculty (department) teams in order to systematically organize the career guidance work of applicants in 2022 and identify the requests of graduates in 2022. On September 28, 2021, as employers, graduates of SKSPU had a meeting with the collectives of the faculties "Physical Culture and Sports", "Philology" and "Art and Education" and on September 29 "Natural Science", "History and Pedagogy" and "Physics and Mathematics" with the participation of the platoon commander of the 1st OP police regiment for the protection of diplomatic missions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Nur-Sultan of police Major Zhaksybayev Zhaksebulan Zhanibekovich and platoon commander of the 2nd OP police captain Zhanbolatov Marat Omarovich. In the 2021-2022 academic year, a working group will be created at each faculty to coordinate career guidance work.

In accordance with the Comprehensive Plan planned for the 85th anniversary of SKSPU, in October 2021, the Career Guidance and Career Center with the participation of the Shymkent Education Department (with the filming of a local TV channel) will hold the first event in the format of the campaign "I choose an 85-year-old university".

During the meeting, the head of the Center Galymzhan Shamshidinovich stressed the need for careful work with graduates of 2022. Also in 2021, he presented a letter of thanks from the rector of the university, Ph.D., Associate Professor Gulzhan Dauletbekovna to the technical secretaries who took a very responsible approach to the work of the admissions committee.