Dear colleagues and friends!

Dear friends!

Welcome to the web-site of South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University (SKSPU)! We are pleased to welcome you to the rector’s blog and are ready to discuss with you university’s activities questions!

South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University is an educational institution with almost a century of history, which has become the main forge of teachers in the south of Kazakhstan. The Teacher’s Institute, founded in 1937, and then was transformed into the Chimkent Pedagogical Institute named after N.K. Krupskaya. In 1987, institute received name after Mukhtar Omarkhanuly Auezov. Since 1993, the higher educational institution has undergone various reorganizations, and in 2011 it was transformed into the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute. In 2015, institute passed the institutional and specialized accreditation of the International Accreditation Organization. On November 17, 2017, the institute was granted university status by a government decree.

SKSPU is a front-rank educational institution, which in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated on July 4, 2018 “On Amendments and Additions to Some Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Expansion of the Academic and Administrative Independence of Higher Education Institutions”, was the first among of 28 state higher education institutions to reorganize to non-profit joint-stock company.

The mission of the university is to improve the quality of human capital based on best practices in the field of education. The future of the university is to become an educational and scientific center of a new format.

  SKSPU deserved the 8th place in the "National rating of universities - 2019", which covered 20 leading universities, 4th - among the universities of Kazakhstan for the training of pedagogical specialists. The South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University is recognized by the Oxford University of Great Britain as the best educational institution among regional universities. This is the result of work and one hundred percent advanced training of academic staff, as well as the activity and creativity of students. 51.5% of the university’s academic staff have scientific degrees and titles.

 SKSPU is training specialists in 34 educational undergraduate programs, 22 for master's programs and 11 for doctoral studies. The university contingent uses the Internet around the clock all the time in 3 academic buildings and 5 student homes. In educational buildings there are special areas for taking relax.

The university has round-the-clock specialized laboratories and language laboratories, workshops (carpentry, sewing, turning, and needlework), an art therapy office, a publishing house, a library and reading rooms. In the centers of “N.A. Nazarbayev’s office"," One Hundred New Textbooks", the exhibition hall of "Civilization of the Great Steppe 100 thousand years BC - XII century n e.”, on the square of spiritual renewal, in six free classrooms of information technology (IT-SYNYP), the student theater of “Light lamp” (“ Nur shanyrak ”), in the center of art literature, the student museum of “ National Heritage ”(“Ulttyk mura” ), in various classes and clubs all conditions have been created for the fruitful and creative leisure of students.

Students study under the program of academic mobility in leading foreign universities (Hungary, Poland, Germany, Latvia, Bulgaria, Great Britain, etc.) and local universities. About fifty foreign professors lecture at the university. University students are winners of international, republican, regional, city competitions. Over 8 years, about one hundred international, republican scientific and methodological conferences, symposia, seminars and trainings have been held at the university, about two hundred scientists and teachers from foreign countries took part in it.

The university publishes the quarterly scientific journal “OKMPU Khabarshysy is a collective Bulletin of SKSPU”, the articles in it are printed in Kazakh, Russian, English and other languages.

The university is proud of its graduates, recognition of their qualifications far beyond the borders of South Kazakhstan. The world-famous man is a well-known public figure, poet Mukhtar Shakhanov, professor, doctor of historical sciences, academic of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan Malika Asylbekova, doctor of pedagogical sciences Maulen Kudaykulov, doctor of philological sciences Absattar Derbisaliev, doctor of economic sciences Musirali Utebaev, poets, dramatists Israil Saparbayev, Narmakh Begaliyev, Khanbibi Yesenkaraeva, Bakhytzhan Aldiyar, improviser, director of the regional art school (Oner) Marzhan Yeszhanova, candidate of philological sciences Akmaral Leubaeva, director of the universal library of the South Kazakhstan region “Otyrar” Anar Zhapparkulova, singer Altynai Zhorabayeva and others.


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Sincerely, the rector of the University Sugirbayeva Gulzhan Dauletbekovna.