Volunteer organization

Volunteer organization "Endless Hope" -contributes to increasing the interest of young people in public works, providing assistance to individuals and legal entities, protecting the health of Citizens, Protecting and preserving the environment, developing physical culture and sports, as well as ensuring the public good.

The main goal is to form a civic position in society, self-organization, a sense of social responsibility, solidarity, mutual assistance and kindness. Currently, the volunteer movement "Biz Birgemiz" operates in 4 directions. They:

  • Sports
  • Charity
  • Historical and cultural
  • Environmental friendliness

Main tasks:

1) assistance to society in solving social problems;

2) development and support of civic initiatives aimed at organizing volunteer activities;

3) development and implementation of measures to increase the role of volunteer activities in interaction with various target groups and categories of the population;

4) Organization and implementation of consultations, information and methodological support for volunteers;

5) formation of volunteer groups-performers of project activities;

6) increase the number of volunteer activities.