Department of culture


The Department of Culture aims to organize cultural events and introduce students to art, culture, support the creativity of talented young people, educate young people in the national spirit, prepare young people for City, regional, national and international competitions, introduce them to the Kazakh pop, the world of art. At the same time, it provides for aesthetic education and effective use of free time, the discovery of sources of talent of young people, the development of progressive thinking of young people of new views.

The task of the sound director of the Department of culture is to provide sound – producing, sound-amplifying, electronic and musical equipment for these events in various areas of culture, depending on the organization and conduct of cultural events (concerts, dance evenings, festivals, competitions).

It undertakes to ensure a meaningful and interesting passage of student years using various tools, forms and methods of creative service of young people, to hold meetings with talented young people known in the country in the field of musical art, to increase students ' interest in the world of art.