Scientific projects

Currently, the university under the guidance of the teaching staff conducts research work on 4 projects that have won grants. The teaching staff of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University submitted 19 projects for grant funding for 2021-2023, organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as a result of which 2 projects under the leadership of A. B. Ibashova and I. S. Smanov won grants under grant funding. For 2 projects, the total amount is 70 million 243 thousand 104 tenge, 50 tiyn.

And for young scientists, under the grant funding for the implementation of scientific research in the period from 2020 to 2022, 1 project was won under the leadership of PhD, Senior Lecturer of our university A. K. Oralbekova. The total amount of funding is 15 million 88 thousand 200 tenge


Project topic

Project Manager


Project duration


«Improving the process of training future teachers of mathematics with the use of mixed learning technologies»

Kadirbayeva Roza Iztleuovna



«Development of a computer educational program "knowledge of the world" for the adaptation of preschoolers to school in an inclusive education»


Oralbekova Aliya Kurbanovna




«Development of an information educational environment in primary school for the courses "Scratch" and "Robotics" in the conditions of Smart education»

Ibashova Almira Baidabekovna



The didactic potential of Russian painting in the implementation of the program of spiritual revival of the nation.

Smanov Ileskan Smanovich